We can use renaissance dental as for dental security

renaissance dental¬†you ever been¬†renaissance dental that it’s beautiful did you like it that’s really gorgeous so you’ve never been come and visit they’ll give you a tour or how they produce dental implants every every time you have a tours in which you can see how.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

The dental in front of being manufactured it’s a theory ok thank you very much how are you doing well I can assure you that you are doing very well so far and you probably have no idea who.

I am do you but that is completely okay we were expecting you to kind of come into consciousness right about now but I’m just gonna set this over here okay I was getting the.

Waterproof ready because let me just ask do you know what’s going on at all that’s completely okay you just go ahead and sit back and relax we’re going to take care of .

This having no pain no pain whatsoever okay let me get a little bit close to you with your permission thank you I’m just going to get a look in your mouth um and while I do that I can plain .

What’s going on okay so I just have this didn’t see we see we see a little light here okay okay I’m just gonna ask you to open up a little brightness okay let’s just keep it well your mouth right now is being held open um with have you ever played that game where

Tey keep your mouth open with ya little knot there I saw so in case you didn’t know you are having a tooth extraction today according to your chart you have a molar that is in brown and usually um people keep their molars their back ones some people have them removed it can cause pain and tightness in the jaw back here and it can be a problem for many but in your case I see that it’s looking very painful so what I’m going to do it’s