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why dentemax is great choice for usa residant

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DenteMax is one of the largest dental PPO networks

Brochure it says or evaluations  routine cleanings fluoride treatments DenteMax bite wings full mouth panoramic space maintained errs and sealants okay that’s  going to what what’s gonna be categorized as preventative Services level two services which are called  basic services.

I would say that it’s simple cavity work and simple extractions okay so Dental Helps it says here Phillies non surgical extractions that’s  what I mean by simple extractions they can’t get in there needing to cut the gums and dig into the bone to tear out a tooth that’s not going to be a simple  extraction okay general anesthesia local anesthesia and this other stuff okay.


That’s basic services level two services level three services is major services  now what I say is level major services is like root canals dentures implants oral surgeries things like that bridges crowns all that stuff is gonna be major stuff okay if you look at the brochure root canals gum disease treatment crowns surgical extractions dentures bridge repairing of crowns and oral surgeries and whatnot okay so there’s always three levels of services preventative basic and major service so let’s take a look at that choice that premier choice plan and let’s figure out how that policy will cover so it says here for preventative care.


There’s no co-payment basically your routine cleanings every months the evaluation and your x-ray once a year you don’t have to pay  anything just go in get your cleanings done every six months back that comes with making your premium payment okay level two services simple extractions simple fillings they’ll cover % of that work up to twelve hundred dollars the first year thirteen hundred the  second year fourteen hundred third year and fifteen hundred four years and years after that okay

There’s gonna always gonna be a six-month waiting period for basic services and that’s usually industry standard and I’ll tell you why you probably already guessed it but I’ll tell you why I’m level three  services major services which include those root canals dentures crowns implants oral surgeries things like that they’ll cover % of that work up to excuse me % of that work up to the benefit level right but there’s always a month waiting period for major services now View more.. https://www.dentalhelps.com/dentemax/