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Dental that was your payment for the entire year that’s three hundred and sixty dollars now the trickier question is you know how much those checkups and cleanings cost you Dental without dental insurance again depending on where you live and the dentist that  you see you can expect to pay on average around to dollars per check-up and cleaning so.

if we take that on the high side multiply it by two yep that’s right three hundred and sixty dollars that means the monthly cost of your dental insurance is strictly financing the cost of those checkups and cleanings you know those things that they say they’re giving to you for free  so if you remember way back at the beginning of this video I told .


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you one of the things you had to do to get the most out of your dental policy would see your dentist every six months for those checkups and cleanings that’s why if you skip just one  dentist insurance plans preventative check up cleaning thing that’s  you just tossed right out the window when you really get down to it your dental policy is just a payment plan for those.

  checkups and cleanings if anything big happens you’ve got that extra thousand dental insurance for seniors  dollars hanging around to take care of that bigger bill however if I’m really gonna stir the pot and play devil’s advocate think about the last time you actually needed major dental work done if it’s been longer than three years that  a month would total by now one .

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thousand and eightydollars so is there a more cost-effective and possibly less  the best dental insurance demanding option I’m glad you asked over the last year so I’ve discovered a more flexible option if you’re not good at getting the dentist and you want to do a little dental health com bit better than $, a year max then you’re probably going to want to consider a dental discount card not only .

will potentially protect your wallet from higher dental bills it will also cost you and your family substantially less per month not to mention you will  also have  care dental access to additional benefits including vision and prescription medication discounts that wasn’t crazy enough you’ll be able to have as many virtual office visits with a doctor on your .

smartphone or computer as you need they can even prescribe dental and eye insurance medication on those calls if medically necessary and the nail in your traditional dental policies coffin is that there aren’t waiting periods to suffer through with your discount card you can start using  the benefits as soon as you receive the membership materials in the mail so next .