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best dental plan for seniors

best dental plan for seniors

of these they’ll have a separate line  item in your best dental plan for seniors  contract for implants maintenance of  right it just depends on what codes are being used some of the repairs or  maintenance of implants might be considered under the restorative category that basic and some may be in  the implant category so you would just need to check your specific plan .

best dental plan for seniors

we’ll get into that a little bit more  later so what determines the level of coverage that you have I mean who http://facebook.com#facebook makes up that that rule it’s not the dentist I promise you it’s the contract that you have with the insurance company and what a lot of people I think don’t understand  is that every insurance company has literally hundreds of different contracts.

or different plans if an employer goes to Blue Cross and Blue  Shield and says we would like to provide dental coverage for our employees they’re gonna say great how much do you want to spend per month an employer will  tell them well we’d like to spend around this per employee so Blue Cross Blue Shield will come up with a plan and say.

well here’s what we can offer you for that price okay  so at some point in time you may not have been aware of it because maybe your Human Resources Department or someone else you know made that decision for you but at some point in time there was a  discussion between the employer and the insurance company of what benefits you

know do we want to provide what do we want to pay for and if you are going out into the market and getting an individual insurance plan you know  there’s a lot of those available these days that’s something that you can negotiate with the insurance company on you know don’t necessarily take the first thing they offer you there’s always.

something you know that costs a little more but gives you great coverage  or maybe costs a little less you know so there’s a wide range is what I’m trying to communicate of options so it’s not a one-size-fits-all there’s lots and lots of different plans out there so ultimately the benefits that you have depended on the contract that you negotiated or that.

t you accepted with the company okay so here are some best dental plan for seniors questions to ask yourself if you’re going to go out into the market and get an individual plan for yourself or your family or if perhaps your employer is offering you coverage now let me back up if the employer is.