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ppo dental insurance plans

  • ppo dental insurance plans to clean off that deposit okay another thing that I really like to do that .
  • said  we don’t see a lot is use a pulse at use the sickle or the Montana Jack on the posterior teeth now one .
  • of the reasons I  like to do this is that this is this is a long blade and it’s got a lot of power behind it if you get .
  • in there and position yourself directly behind a bowl  or tooth then all you have to do is kind of sweep.

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pop off large pieces of deposit okay .

  • around we can’t always  sneak really deep like you can with a thin bladed instrument.
  • should use the gritty sickle everywhere and that’s the Montana Jack which is a little.
ppo dental insurance plans
ppo dental insurance plans
  • reaching back there but let’s see how  that can just slide right down almost like a pro.

can I wrap it around so I would sit I would do it both directions I would come this way and this way okay now.

  • on the maxillary teeth for kind of the same  concept I make sure that I can see and it you have.
  • what is that vision when you listen to me make sure you have indirect vision use an extraordinary.
  • coincidences always keep it in mind to keep that toe down so if you’re sitting it like the  nine o’clock position .

to prepare just attack if you put that mirror.

  • in there like this and you have indirect vision then you have an extra awful from here and
  • then you can like I said keep the toe down and position yourself to do a sweep from the lingual to the buccal
  • then move  your instrument the other way under your sweep this way too you almost never miss those teeth.
  • if you practice that kind of instrumentation another thing that I recommend is that you never forget to take
  • your sickle and instrument just right up under the contact on your premolars go ahead and go around to  clean
  • the whole mouth but then when you’re done take the instrument and just position it right up under the contact

and pop off any residual deposit that remains right before

  • is that as opposed to your chief and we’re often using a large bladed instrument to clean  that area
  • and the blade can only go so far up into the contact unless